Einige Hilfen & Tipps

As far as we know, Yellow is rare, Purple is somewhat rare, Blue is magical and white is just a plain version of the item.

PvE (Player vs. Environment) is you (and a party if you so choose) going out to brave the elements and fight against monsters and such in missions or Explorable Areas. PvP is where you and your party play against other people in arenas.

If you started your character as a RP character then you don't need to do anything special to enter PvP areas, you would simply teleport to them like any other area. If you start a character as a ready-made PvP character you cannot enter PvE areas, however.

The Divine Aura is a bonus that people got for buying the Collectors Edition (CE). It only shows when you are doing an emote (i.e. /dance), and it shows as little sparkles. That is how you know you have it.


Das Bild hab ich letztens in unserem Kampf in unserer Gildenhalle aufgenommen.
Nur für so 2 sec's war es so auf dem Moni sichtbar.
Keine Ahnung was das sollte, sieht aber nach nem Fehler aus.

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